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Retired FBI Special Agent


Southern California high-level physical surveillance team for sensitive assignments

The physical surveillance team is made up of multi-ethnic investigators, several of whom are bi-lingual.  All have conducted hundreds of physical surveillances as a full-time job in Southern California. 

The team includes retirees from the Los Angeles Sheriff Department and Los Angeles Police Department, and some are former military; all are highly skilled in conducting private sector physical surveillance.  

All team members are licensed and insured.

A high-level physical surveillance team investigator secures video evidence of a celebrity stalker violating a Temporary Restraining Order.

During a high threat, the surveillance team provided counter-surveillance for the client in the SUV en route to Staples Center in Los Angeles.

The physical surveillance team uses lawful high tech equipment and communications.

Case activity updates, along with photos and video clips, can be provided as needed to the client's smart phone via encrypted security applications. 

A customized daily and final report is also provided to the client.

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